The First Foot Guards

We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA,
accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as
The Grenadier Guards


Strength of the Regiment

Ranking within the Regiment

English establishment
Listing of regiments and their strengths

Regimental Strengths

The average strength (number of men) of the infantry on the English establishment was 477. The ordinary regiment consisted of one battalion organized into 10 companies. The strength of a company  varied. Of the ten companies, one consisted of Grenadiers, and another of Light Infantry. 
The Guards regiments, however, were different. 
In 1775 there were Battalion and Grenadier companies, but no Light Infantry. This was changed with the Detachment for American Service in 1776.

There were several 'establishments' around the world.

These are the numbers of infantrymen attached to the Establishments in 1775:

19 regiments: 11,396

1 regiment: 474

Isle of Man
3 companies: 142

21 regiments: 9815

5 regiments: 2385

7 regiments: 3339

West Indies
3 regiments: 1909

18 regiments: 8580

1 corps: 214

Total: 38,254

In addition there were 6869 cavalry and 2484 artillery. This was the strength much as it had been since the close of the Seven Years War (F&I).

The British army 
English establishment in 1775

Bold: regiments which saw service in America in the Revolutionary War
Unlisted regiments were not on the English establishment in 1775

Household Infantry

First Foot Guards: 1649 men

Second Foot Guards (Coldstream Guards): 1058 men

Third Foot Guards (Scots Guards): 1058 men

Infantry of the Line

1st (Royal) Regiment: 477

3rd Regiment (Buffs): 477

4th Regiment (King's Own): 477

5th Regiment: 477

8th Regiment: 477

10th Regiment: 477

11th Regiment: 477

12th Regiment: 477

13th Regiment: 477

14th Regiment: 477

16th Regiment: 477

18th Regiment (Royal Irish): 477

19th Regiment: 477

21st Regiment (Royal North British Fuzileers): 477

23rd Regiment (Royal Welsh Fuzileers): 477

25th Regiment: 477

26th Regiment: 477

27th Regiment (Inniskilling): 477

29th Regiment: 477

30th Regiment: 477

31st Regiment: 477

32nd Regiment: 477

36th Regiment: 477

38th Regiment: 477

41st Regiment: 482

43rd Regiment: 477

47th Regiment: 477

48th Regiment: 477

50th Regiment: 477

51st Regiment: 477

52nd Regiment: 477

56th Regiment: 477

57th Regiment: 477

58th Regiment: 477

59th Regiment: 477

60th Regiment (Royal Americans) two battalions: 955

64th Regiment: 477

65th Regiment: 477

66th Regiment: 477

67th Regiment: 477

69th Regiment: 477

70th Regiment: 477

O'Hara's corps: 214


Order of Battle

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