The First Foot Guards

We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA,
accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as
The Grenadier Guards


of the Eighteenth Century


"The British Army always fights uphill, in the rain, at the junction of two maps."
- Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Horrocks.
Sir Brian Horrocks fought in WWII, notably in Operation Market Garden (during which the First Foot Guards/Grenadier guards made a signal contribution), and was present at the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. He was an able strategist and military historian with remarkably expository style. He wrote and hosted a popular quirky series of TV programs in Britain in the 1960s that explained historic battles. 
In the movie "A Bridge Too Far" he was ably portrayed by Edward Fox.

What to visit on this website

This date in history
What happened on this date in history?

The Annual Register
Published in London from 1758-1788

Battle List
Chronological listing of all RevWar engagements

Officers of the Guards detachment 
on American service in 1776

The Guards during the Revolutionary War
A chronology

A RevWar American physician's diary for 1776

'Gentleman Johnny' Burgoyne
His life and times

General Charles O'Hara
Surrendered Crown Forces at Yorktown

Cornwallis after the War
There was life after Yorktown, and Cornwallis was an able man 
who rose to even greater heights.

What you need to know about 
the coat of arms of
King George III

What you need to know about 
The Hanoverian Kings

About the Guards
Listing of Colonels, and more.

Monmouth Courthouse
A contemporary account of the battle

Honi soit qui mal y pense
Explanation of the Guards (and order of the Garter) motto

About the Guards slow march, the composer, and General Scipio Africanus

Outrageous civilian fashions
they called them 'macaroni'

Instructions to the Recruiting Officer
couched in contemporary language. What men to accept or reject.

The Recruiting Speech
in all its periphrastic glory

The loss of the ship of the line 'Royal George'
A tragedy during the RevWar

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The Grenadier Guards
(First Foot Guards) today
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Spy Letters of the American Revolution
Great reading from the Clements Library of UMichigan (home of many of the Guards Orderly Books)

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