The First Foot Guards

We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA,
accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as
The Grenadier Guards



Regiments of the army


"The regiments of the British army were of two kinds - Household regiments, and regiments of the line. The former included the three regiments of Foot Guards: 
The First Foot Guards, or Grenadier Guards, 
the Second Foot Guards, or Coldstream Guards,
and the Third Foot Guards, or Scots Guards. 
There were also three regiments of Horse Guards. 

The Household Regiments were the oldest corps in the army and constituted a body of picked men. Ordinarily they were stationed in London and Westminster as a bodyguard to the King. During the American Revolution a 'Brigade of Guards' formed by selecting 15 men from each of the 64 companies of Household infantry served in America.
The regiments of the line were simply the ordinary regiments of the army. The infantry were numbered from 1 to 70, although some of the regiments had names as well as numbers. During the Revolutionary war, other regiments were created.

The average strength of the infantry on the English establishment was 477 (Guards differed). The ordinary regiment consisted of one battalion organized into 10 companies. The strength of a company varied. Of the ten companies, one consisted of Grenadiers, and another of Light Infantry. 

There were several 'establishments' around the world.

These are the numbers of infantrymen attached to the Establishments in 1775 (Curtis):

19 regiments: 11,396

1 regiment: 474

Isle of Man
3 companies: 142

21 regiments: 9815

5 regiments: 2385

7 regiments: 3339

West Indies
3 regiments: 1909

18 regiments: 8580

1 corps: 214

Total: 38,254

 This number excluded militia. additionally there were 6869 cavalry and 2484 artillery. This was the strength much as it had been since the close of the Seven Years War (F&I).

Order of Battle

The Brigade of Guards
in the American Revolution

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