The First Foot Guards

We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA,
accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as
The Grenadier Guards


Loss of the Royal George

The poem that was written by William Cowper (1731-1800) to mark the accidental
sinking of the Royal George.
It was also sung to the Guards regimental slow march, Scipio
(a little tricky, I would think.)

Toll for the Brave!


The brave that are no more!


All sunk beneath the wave


Fast by their native shore!


Eight hundred of the brave


Whose courage well was tried,


Had made the vessel heel


And laid her on her side.


A land-breeze shook the shrouds


And she was overset;


Down went the Royal George,


With all her crew complete.


Toll for the brave!


Brave Kempenfelt is gone;


His last sea-fight is fought,


His work of glory done.


It was not in the battle;


No tempest gave the shock;


She sprang no fatal leak,


She ran upon no rock.



His sword was in its sheath,


His fingers held the pen,


When Kempenfelt went down


With twice four hundred men.


Weigh the vessel up


Once dreaded by our foes!


And mingle with our cup


The tears that England owes.


Her timbers yet are sound,


And she may float again


Full charged with England’s thunder,


And plough the distant main:


But Kempenfelt is gone,


His victories are o’er;


And he and his eight hundred


Shall plough the wave no more.




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