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The Grenadier Guards


Sjt Parsons visits a school

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my son's 5th grade class last month appropriately dressed as a Guardsman. The fifth grade this past quarter had been studying the Revolutionary War. Bringing the usual kit and extra necessities such as period documents, etc. I enjoyed myself very much. I have just received written "Thank Yous" from the students. I thought their comments would interest you so I have provided the top ten.

10. You must be hot in those clothes.

9. Your presentation was very well organized.

8. I enjoyed the musket and how it works.

7. I find the revolution very interesting, you certainly changed my point of view of the British.

6. You explained so many things I learned more than the class. It seems like History as you know it is wrong.

5. I learned the British didn't understand why the patriots wanted independence and they had the right to be mad.

4. You guys spell very funny.

3. I really enjoyed the items you brought in, I never knew the way the British looked at things.

2. Thank you, for telling us about the British. This was better than the social studies class.

The Number one response:

"I had always thought the rebels were right, but now I realize that the British may have been right."



Humbly Serving

Changing the Minds of future British soldiers,

Sjt. Parsons

[Ed. Note: Thank you very much Mr. Letterman. I look forward to your Top Ten every night, and I am glad I can now read it on the Electronic Guardsman! I am a big fan of yours and I love what you are doing to the young minds of this great nation.]


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