The First Foot Guards

We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA,
accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as
The Grenadier Guards


Note: We are transitioning to a new web site at,
which has our most recent schedule and photos. History articles are still at this site.


If you live in Massachusetts, RI or Southern NH, we extend an invitation to join us.
We are an active group participating in re-enacted battles, 
and you can also see us from time to time at historical sites. 
We also lecture to groups of people who are interested in history and heritage, and we occasionally march in parades.

Whether you've a thirst for history, or a thirst for action,
His Majesty's First Foot Guards is the place for you!


Music on this page is 'Scipio',
the slow march of this regiment.It was written and presented to us by
George Frederick Handel.
The recording is taken from a Trooping the Colour Ceremony
in London. Listen carefully, and you'll hear the commands.

More on "Scipio"

The Guards at Boston HarborFest
In the background: the Province House (built 1721)
and now known as the Old State House.

Left to right:

Corporal Peter Pechulis,
Light Infantry
Private Graeme Marsden, Battalion
Private Michael LePage,
Light Infantry
Captain Michael Szkolka,
Light Infantry
Photo: Copyright Jim Swenson

The main sections of this website

Starting place for an extensive menu of information
on our group and historical information on the Guards,

and life in the Eighteenth Century.

We're looking for a few good men
(and women) to join the First Foot Guards

Events we'll be attending 

Contains many informative pictures on the reenacted group
and historical paintings

More on re-enactment, RevWar, sutlers...

Short articles that will give you some historical background

 History, day by day
Look up the date and see what happened in history.
Significant happenings for each of the 366 days of the year

Some interesting longer articles

History of Black Powder

See an article on reenacting, in the banking press of all places!
Mentions the First Foot Guards, too!


For Recommended Reading...
Lots of relevant titles

Pictures from Saratoga
Reenactment of the Battle of Saratoga, October 2002

The First Foot Guards and their uniforms
Pictures and explanations

Reading list

 Diseases of the 18th Century

Scores killed in paramilitary riot

Ferguson's rifle
Read about its trials in The Annual Register of the day

Tarleton & Tavington
Historian Dr MM Gilchrist makes amusing comparisons between fact and fiction 
in that movie, you know, "The Patriot". Offsite link

Click on "Tarleton vs. Tavington"

The malodorous streets of London

Maybe the musket wasn't
commonly referred to as 'Brown Bess'

Sam, pick up thy musket!
Humorous poems

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