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First Foot Guards

Subject Index



Arne, Dr Thomas


Organization: British army

Organization: Guards

Guards Organization

Detachment Organization: Guards in America

Line regiment organization

Brown Bess.

Weapons: Brown Bess

Muskets: Brown Bess

Colours, regimental

Regimental colours

Guards colours

Commissions, cost

Cost of Guards officers' commissions


Guards Musick

Pay (1775)

Army pay (1775)

Line regiment pay (1775)

Guards pay (1775)


Food allowance

History of the regiment

Reenacting, about

About reenacting in the Guards

Army regiments (1775)

Line and household regiments (1775)

Sickness and treatment

Common illnesses of the time

Bills of Mortality, London

History. Do you need a speaker?

Lectures. Do you need a speaker?

Talks. Do you need a speaker?

Historical societies. Do you need a speaker?

English establishment, regimental strengths

Strength, English establishment

Strength, Guards



Medical staff, Guards

Joining the guards

How to join us

John Montresor, Engineer

Montresor, Engineer

Engineer John Montresor

Copley. Portrait of John Montresor

Portrait: John Montresor


Uniform: Battalion companies

Uniform: Officers

Uniform: Surgeon

Uniform: Engineer

Uniform: Musick

Uniform: Grenadier company

Uniform: Light Infantry company

Pictures: Battalion companies

Pictures: Officers

Pictures: Surgeon

Pictures: Engineer

Pictures: Musick

Pictures: Grenadier company

Pictures: Light Infantry company

Pictures: contemporary portraits


Events: Forthcoming Guards participation

Guards Events


Battles. Forthcoming events

Battles. Revolutionary War battles of the Guards

Parades. Forthcoming events

Useful links

Website links

Links to other useful sites

Site links to interesting websites

Who will eat me? Recruiting speech

Recruiting speech

Royal George


Loss of the Royal George


Swords: the rapier

Weapons: the rapier


New England countryside: potash

Economy in New England: potash

Passing fair (language usage)

Language: "passing fair"

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Motto: Honi soitů

Regimental motto: Honi soitů

Garter motto: Honi soitů

Anacreon in heav'n

Music: Anacreon

Music: World turn'dů

Drinking songs: Anacreon

Songs: Anacreon

Music: "British Grenadiers"

Song: "British Grenadiers"

British Grenadiers, music

Grenadiers. "British Grenadiers"

"Rule Britannia"

British National Anthem

Britannia. "Rule Britannia"


Music: "Rule Britannia"




Organization of a Line regiment



Song. "Rule Britannia"

Huzza. Etymology

Language: "Huzza"

Words: "Huzza"


Games: Cricket

Sports: Cricket

Washington. On the Battle of Trenton

Trenton. Battle of


Scipio Africanus

Handel: "Scipio"

GF Handel: "Scipio"

Slow March "Scipio"

March "Scipio", slow

Regimental march "Scipio", slow

Guards music: "Scipio"

Music: "Scipio"

Contemporary records. James Thacher 1775 & 1776

Contemporary records. James Thacher 1776

Thacher's Journal for 1775

Journal. Thacher's Journal 1775

Thacher's Journal for 1776

Journal. Thacher's Journal 1776


Khaki. The origin

Uniform. Khaki

Burnett. Brig Gen Sir Harry, khaki

Words. "Khaki"

Recruiting. "Instructions to the Officer"

Recruiting. Join the Redcoats

Poem. "Toll for the Brave"

Cowper "Toll for the Brave"

Burgoyne, General

Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne

John Burgoyne

O'Hara, General

Old Cock of the Rock, General O'Hara

Yorktown. General O'Hara

Battle: Yorktown

Gibraltar. General O'Hara

Words. "Chop, cut, slice"


Officer training: Sandhurst

Words: "Macaroni"

Language: "Macaroni"

Macaroni. Dandies of their day

Clothes: see Uniforms

Clothes: Macaroni dandies

Yankee Doodle and The Macaronis


Date in history

History: This date in history


History: "Annual Register"

Documents: "Annual Register"

Contemporary records: "Annual Register"

"Annual Register"


Contemporary records: "Bills of Mortality"


General Cornwallis

Lord Cornwallis

India: Cornwallis
Tippoo Sultan & Cornwallis

Seringapatam, Battle of

Battle: Seringapatam

Cost of living

Pay: Cost of living

Hanover: The House of Hanover

George I

George II

George III

King George I

King George II

King George III

Heraldry of the later Kings of England

Hanoverian heraldry (coats of arms)

Coats of arms of the Kings of England

Clinton: Monmouth

Battle: Monmouth 1778
Monmouth, Battle of

Hale. Lt Hale at Monmoth

Contemporary records. Monmouth

Regimental history: Chronology of the Guards in the Rev War

Chronology: Guards in the revolutionary war

Chronology: Today in History

History: Today in History


Pictures of the regimeny

Picture: Contemporary portraits


Clinton. Portrait

Sir Henry Clinton. Portrait

Soldi, Andrea. Clinton Portrait

Portrait: Sir Henry Clinton

Tippoo's Tiger

Victoria & Albert Museum. Tippoo's tiger

Coussmaker. Reynolds portrait

Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Coussmaker portrait
Portrait: Coussmaker

Gloucester. Portrait of the Duke of Gloucester

William Henry, Duke of Gloucester. Portrait

Portrait: Duke of Gloucester

Dowdesewell portrait

Portrait: Dowdeswell

Heathfield of Gibraltar. Portrait

Gibraltar. Lord Heathfield

Portrait: Lord Heathfield

Reynolds: Lord Heathfield

Howe. Portrait

Portrait: Lord Howe

Gainsborough, Thomas. Portrait of Lord and Lady Ligonier

Portrait: Lord Ligonier

Portrait: Penelope, Lady Ligonier

Ligonier. Portrait of Lord and Lady Ligonier

Laguerre. Painting of Malplaquet, 1709
Malplaquet. Painting of the Battle, 1709

Marlborough. Painting of Malplaquet, 1709

Battle. Malplaquet 1709

Sandwich. Portrait of Lord Sandwich

Words: "Sandwich"

Lord Sandwich. Portrait

Montague. John Montague, Lord Sandwich

Shooting of Martha Reay

Murder of Martha Reay

Hanging of Rev Hackman


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