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MESS RULES for 2002



Meals will be prepared and served at set times 
based on the event schedule. This is not a twenty-four hour
diner. Should you be unable to eat at that time due to
other duties please speak to the mess staff so
something can be worked out either to save food for
you or prepare something ahead or time. The mess can
be flexible, however there needs to be communication
with the mess staff.

Because the mess has to plan in advance for meals 
we need to know ahead of time as to who is eating at
We have requested this in the past that you
contact the Mess Mistress or the Mess Officer on the
Wednesday prior to the event. A handful of the
membership does this. However the rest of the
membership that likes to partake in the mess does not.

From this point forward if you do not contact the Mess
Mistress or Officer prior to the event you will be
considered not eating and only enough food will be
purchased for those who do.

If you should use the mess for after hourís activities please 
clean up after yourself 
prior to going to bed.
The last thing the Mess Officer or the Mess Mistress
needs to deal with in the morning is a big mess prior
to starting breakfast. Trash bags are kept in the
kitchen box for clean up. Should the trash bag hidden
in the supply tent become filled please get a new bag
from the kitchen box.

All personal gear is to be kept in your tent and not in the mess area. 
The mess fly and wedge tent does not
look anything like the bell of arms. All personal gear
includes your weapon, cartridge box, and haversack,
regimentals etc. Should you not have your own tent ask
someone who has a tent if you may store your gear
there for the event or use the bell of arms. Do not
use the guy ropes for the dining fly to support your
musket or hang your equipment. If it is found there it
will be removed.

Also do not use the supply tent for the same purpose.
The supply tent is for exactly what it is called.
Supplies!! It makes meal preparation more difficult,
for the kitchen staff, to be tripping over or hit by
wayward muskets and accouterments.


We wish to keep the mess area as period correct as possible 
during an event and this year we are going to
double our efforts to make sure that all non period
items are gone from our mess. This includes all meals.
Therefore do not bring non-period items into the mess
area. Sutlers can be found at events and on line for
the procurement of eating items. Styrofoam, plastic
and paper plates, cups and eating utensils are 20th
century items and therefore do not belong in the mess.



Mess Mistress
Cindy Kersting 
24 Bisson Street
Beverly MA 01915-4607

Mess Officer
Glenn Cunningham
Make checks payable to
Glenn Cunningham
27 Grove Street
Ayer MA 01432

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