First Foot Guards

Remembrance Day

the eleventh hour
of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month


Remembrance Day is the European successor to Armistice Day, when 'the war to end all wars' peace treaty was signed. In Britain it is commemorated by the wearing of a poppy in the buttonhole.

The Foot Guards had received an invitation from George Ferguson, Her Britannic Majesty's  Consul-General , and we were duly represented by Graeme and Priscilla Marsden, Cathy and Ed Certusi (alias Engineer John Montresor).

You may recall attending last year: there were more of us, because the service was followed by  the memorial to the British soldier in Concord.

The service in this historic church was well attended, and there were many old gentlemen present with rows of gleaming medals, many of them from WWII. The service was followed not by cookies and punch, but by cheese, crackers, cake and sherry. Now that's what I call civilized!

-Graeme Marsden

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