First Foot Guards

Pilgrim Hall
Plymouth MA
November 3  2001


A group of Guards assembled to promote the Pilgrim Hall new 18th century exhibit. Much of the day was showery, which meant that our Surgeon's table had to be toted repeatedly from the lawn to shelter under the granite portico.

The day saw a light but steady stream of visitors, whom the Guards engaged in animated conversation. Cpl Pechulis took the pine muskets (that had magically disappeared from Fort Revere earlier this summer) and drilled some likely lads (and ladies). Surgeon Keenan and surgeon's mate LePage thrilled visitors with grisly tales of amputations, pus and gore. Sjt Major Ozelius took a small group of Guards on a customer-prospecting sally downtown Plymouth.Twin drums beat out a bold tattoo throughout the day, expertly handled by Mr Jonathan Lane and Ms Andrea Wirth.

Others who played an active role were Pvt Marsden, Capt Szkolka, and Cpl Chaskes (wearing red: not today in his new-found minister's duds).

Pilgrim Hall Museum stepped up to the plate (as it were) providing the Food Guards with coffee and Dunkin Donuts, then a cold cuts lunch (and Hallowe'en candy, no less).

After we had finished in the late afternoon, most proceeded to The Old Colony Club down the street, where we were shown around and where we assisted our guide in draining a case of Sam Adams. But we had to press on to the Boston Beer Company…the local hostelry that had sponsored the event. Drummer Lane treated all to a pint of beer, and the festivities continued. Who knows, some of the Guards might even have made it back to the evening presentation at Pilgrim Hall given by Paul Revere (aka Dave Conner)!

An enjoyable event, a great turnout from the Guards.

Kudos to Jonathan Lane for organizing this Guards outreach program!

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