Redcoat. Grenadier Guards. First Foot. The Guards. RevWar. history. Revolutionary. The British are coming.1775. 1776. 1783. 1775-83. Reenact. Re-enact. Re-enactor. Reenactor. Re-enactment. Reenactment. Musket. Brown Bess. Bayonet. Spatterdashes. Regiment. Bastion Loops. Graeme Marsden. Lexington. Concord. Boston. Boston Massacre. Tea Party.

First Foot Guards

The Grange is a quasi-Masonic organization, that you'll find mostly in rural areas. It's open to men and women. The First Foot Guards were permitted to get an insider's view of the proceedings, as we had to wait about 30 minutes later than we were scheduled. But after we started it didn't take Winston long to engage the audience of about 40 people.
This lecture was well supported by Guards:
Winston Stone
Doug Ozelius
Peter Condrick
Bill Sherburne
Graeme Marsden
Ed and Cathy Certusi
and all the way from Beverly:
Carl and Cindy Kersting

Another job well done!

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