First Foot Guards

Saturday 20 October 2001

Winslow House, Marshfield.


From Grenadier Gammon

A fine public turnout afforded many young (and not so young) impressments, the opportunity to be drilled by our Sjt Condrick at the Winslow House in Marshfield. The pine training muskets have proved to be a great tool for closer interaction with the public, as they get a real hands-on feel of what it is like to be drilled by such a sympathetic and sensitive being as a British Drill Sergeant.

This year's event was very well attended by public, press and sunshine. The horrors of a visit to Doctor Winslow's tent (Mike LePage) left many grateful for modern understandings of medicine!

This is a great event to interact with the public, and to clear up many of the misconceptions about the King's forces that the unenlightened own…and plant the seeds of recruitment as well.


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