First Foot Guards

Battle of White Plains

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From the RSM
October 31

Everyone has been very quiet on the subject, I was not sure if you are all recovering from the event or too critical to speak up! So here goes...

Personally, I had a wonderful time and thought it was great seeing everyone from New England, as well as, from the South and Midwest. The Brigade of Guards looked superb on parade. The Grenadiers looked  
particularly impressive in numbers!

I very much enjoyed the tacticals both on Saturday and Sunday morning. If some of you missed the Sunday morning engagement, I suggest you plan to make it to the next one! In both battles, the Guards did a great job 
and had a lot of fun. On Sunday morning,
Christian Cameron, the judge, awarded the Guards with the winning maneuver....outflanking the American line! The scripted public battles were, well... scripted. There is little sense in knocking anyone over this. What could anyone do? It looked great to the crowd. I suggest to anyone who may be disappointed with the simplicity of the Sunday afternoon battle, please look forward to the next tactical. Personally, I thought it looked great watching the thin red line swarm "over the top!"

Reverend Chaskes looks great in his new duds. Due to a medical condition, Jerry has go part time with the Battalion Company. You may see him with a bible in his hands, preaching to the crowd! Go, Jerry!

The Light Infantry Company extends a hearty handshake to Privates Connor and Drum. 
We all welcome them withopen arms into our ranks. 
Splendid job! You both
shall be an asset to the company. HUZZAH (x3)

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to go to White Plains. 
You looked great and I hope that
we will see all of you at the next event!

I remain,


From the colonel
November 1

Well the only reason I haven't sent out a message is I couldn't find the words to say how much I was pleased with everything and everyone. All I can come up with is WOW!
And I suppose the word most used by our GGA friends 'Suberb, truly brilliant!'

The other is I can email you all via AOL Anywhere. Please send all messages to my Road Runner account.


From Cpl Pechulis
November 2

Epilogue to Surgeon Sherburne's Peace and Love weekend at White Plains:

"The Colonel is my Shepherd, I shall not whine."


The Colonel's Prayer

Our Colonel, which art in Middleborough,

Hallowed be thy Plume.

Thy Regiment come, thy 'wheels' be done,

In White Plains, as it is in Pound Ridge.

Give us this day, our Amsterdam shilling,

And forgive us our 'left-turns'

As we forgive those who have 'left-turned' against us,

And lead us not into the Officers' Soiree,

but deliver us the pizza.

For Thine is the Regiment, the Power, the Glory,

Forever and ever,



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