First Foot Guards
Somerville Powder House Raid
September 1  2001

From the Colonel
I would like to Thank Cpl Cunningham, Pvt Kilcoyne and Fife-Major Stone for their participation in the Somerville Powder House Raid. Good time had albeit a tad tedious.

I was reading about the raid that morning. Seems 260 troops marched from Charlestown over Winter Hill to the Powder House, and retrieved the powder, and a detachment marched into Cambridge to Militia Col Brattle's home on Tory Row and retook possession of the cannon recently given to Brattle by General Gage!
Seems a pity we didn't make a fuss about this two years ago as a 225th. It happened on September 1st 1774. It would been a damned site warmer than Fort William and Mary by a long shot.

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