First Foot Guards

The 300th Birthday of Dracut, Massachusetts
September 22 and 23, 2001

The theme was unity. For the Saturday morning parade, all Rev. War Units, both American and British marched as one. The Officers of each Unit marched together at the head of the column, their flags flying side by side. The sidewalks along the entire two mile parade route were filled with people, young and old, most of them waving the American flag. As we marched, we were greeted by appreciative applause throughout the parade route.

Our afternoon battle reeactment at the Dracut High School football field was preceded by colorful parachutists landing near the 50 yard line. The stands were filled to capacity, standing room only, to view our show. The rebels sorely outnumbered us, and ultimately we were driven from the field. Once again, a rousing round of applause was afforded us by the large crowd at the conclusion of the battle. A special thank you to Light Infantry Corporal Andrea Wirth for her volunteerism and enthusiasm on the field of battle.

The day also included a nifty antique automobile show sponsored by the Dracut Firefighters Association. Several antique fire trucks were there as well. (See what you missed, Surgeon Sherburne?)

One thing that I absolutely will NOT mention is the frantic chasing down of some of our wayward soldiers skulking off towards Wendy's while we were forming up for the morning parade.

All in all, the event was a nice little small-town birthday party.

God Bless America!

Corporal Pechulis

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