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A fine fpeech as deliver'd with gufto
by Captain Kone at Harborfest 2001,
and much relifh'd by the foldiery.

A Recruiting Speech from Nottinghamshire, 1796

I will lead you into a country
Where rivers consist of nut-brown ale,
Where the houfes are built of hot roaft beef,
And the wainfcots papered with pancakes.

There, my boys, it rains plum-pudding every Sunday morning,
The ftreets are paved with quartern loaves,
And nice roafted pigs run about,
With knives and forks ftuck in them, crying out,
"Who will eat me? Who will eat me?

The Authorized Version:

To all afpiring heroes bold
Who have fpirits above flavery and trade
And inclinations to become gentlemen
By bearing arms in His Majefty's Firft Regiment of Foot Guards
Ably commanded by the magnanimous Lord Middleborough.

Let them repair to the drum head (tow-row-dow)
Where each gentleman volunteer fhall be kindly and honourably entertained
And enter into prefent pay & good quarters.
Befides which, gentlemen,
For your further and better encouragement
You fhall receive one guinea advance
And a crown to drink His Majefty King GEORGE's health.

And when you come to join your refpective Regiment
Shall have new hats, capps, arms, cloaths, and accoutrements
And every thing that is necefsary and fitting
To compleat a gentleman foldier.

And fuccefs to their arms!