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First Foot Guards

Jason Russell House
14 April 2002

Dated February 21:

Last night, a planning meeting for the 2002 Jason Russell House reenactment was held.  Here is a brief timeline:
--we ask participating units to arrive at 1:00PM on Sunday, April 14
--we will begin at 2:00PM, with the British column leaving Arlington High School and advancing on Mass Avenue 
--Billerica Company will fire at rear of British column on Mass Avenue, and Danvers Company will engage during the march
--at the end of the reenactment, we would like to have combined music play both national anthems, so please bring British colors.
Also, If you need black powder cartridges for the event, please let us know.
We hope the above is suitable for you.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact either Capt. John Moore (781) 648-2497 or Ed Hurley  (781) 646-6879.  We will keep you informed of further updates.



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