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First Foot Guards

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
held at Quincy Masonic building

February 2, 2002

Dear Mr. Secretary:

On 02/02/02 I attended the annual meeting of His Majesty's First Regiment of Foot Guards in Quincy, MA in the capacity of Acting Secretary as appointed by The Guards' incumbent Secretary Ozelius. All current Directors were present with the exception of Secretary Ozelius. A majority of the Guards membership was also present. The following is my transcript of the meeting: President Stone opened the meeting with the Colonel's State of the Regiment Address. The Colonel began by stating that the Regiment is in good shape, and we have more members than the 10th Regiment of Foot. On a more serious note, the Colonel said that the mother of the 10th's Major O'Shaughnessy recently passed away and called for a motion to donate $100 to Emerson Hospital. The motion was seconded and passed by a voice vote. President Stone then suggested that all members who have short hair to procure wigs of their natural hair color. He also urged everyone to have a pair of 18th century shoes for Brigade events. Mr. President then reviewed the results of the recent annual Brigade meeting with the observation that all cars should be out of the 18th century areas by 10 o'clock. Also, no autos should be left overnight at the 18th century camping area. Colonel Stone also wishes that all Guardsmen report to the Colonel by 9 AM at Brigade events to ensure a proper head count and alignment of troops.

The next item was the Secretary's report. Acting Secretary Pechulis read the notes provided to him in the Secretary's absence. The report was a quick review of last year's meeting whereby the membership adopted by-laws of government. A new membership roster was called for, and the membership immediately began the creation of such.

Next, the Treasurer's report. Treasurer Sherburne reported that the Regimental "war chest" is $2,489 to the good. Forthcoming approved expenditures include $600+ for liability insurance which expires on 3/1/02, $150 for the rental of the hall for our upcoming Regimental party, and the aforementioned $100 donation to Emerson Hospital.

Cindy Kersting then took the floor to discuss the Regimental party which will be held at the Cove Community Hall in Beverly, MA on Saturday Feb. 16. She asks that she be e-mailed by those who are going and to inform what food items they are bringing.

The next item was the annual election of Directors. Since no one other than the incumbents were nominated, it was suggested that we have one group vote. The motion was seconded, a voice vote was rendered, and it was passed that all existing Directors shall serve in their same capacities for another term.

A new 2002 schedule was handed out, and each event was reviewed and discussed. Please check the Electronic Guardsman for schedule changes and updates, as a review in these minutes would take much too long. A motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded, voted on, and the meeting was adjourned.

(Doug: Please use whatever you want from the above for your formal minutes.)


Your servant,

Peter Pechulis

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